Pies Galore!


Pies Galore Bundle

Indulge in a feast of savoury and sweet pies with our Pies Galore Bundle, all lovingly made by Strawberry Fields. This generous set includes:

  • Large Steak and Onion Pie (900g): Tender steak and savoury onions encased in golden pastry, offering a hearty and satisfying meal.
  • Large Steak and Ale Pie (900g): Succulent steak cooked in rich ale gravy, enveloped in flaky pastry for a classic comfort food experience.
  • Large Steak and Kidney Pie (900g): Juicy steak and tender kidney pieces in a flavourful gravy, all wrapped in a delicious pastry crust.
  • Large Steak and Stilton Pie (900g): A decadent combination of steak and rich stilton cheese, baked to perfection for a gourmet delight.
  • Bramley Apple Pie (950g): Tart Bramley apples encased in buttery pastry, creating a sweet and comforting dessert.

Perfect for sharing with family and friends, our Pies Galore Bundle offers a variety of flavours to satisfy every palate. Enjoy the comforting taste of homemade pies crafted with care by Strawberry Fields.

1 x large steak and onion pie 900g

1 x large steak and ale pie 900g

1 x large steak and kidney pie 900g

1 x large steak and stilton pie 900g

1 x Bramley apple pie 950g

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