Steak & Ale Pie


Our dedicated bakery team produce an array of pies from scratch daily to ensure freshness and the highest quality.

All of our own award-winning Devon Beef is home reared on the banks of the River Lyd. The suckling herd are grass-fed their whole lives and caringly reared to produce the best tasting beef around.

It is hung the traditional way for 3 - 4 weeks to give it time to mature, gain a beautiful tenderness and guarantee a fantastic flavour.

Choose from 2 sizes:

500g - perfect for 2 people

900g - perfect for 4 people


Pastry - Plain flour, lard, vegetable oil in varying proportions, water, salt, emulsifier, acid, vitamin A and D, colour flavouring, egg.

Filling - Prime beef cuts, craft ale, salt, pepper, potato starch, maltodextrin, palm oil, wheat flour, colour, sugar, flavourings (barley), flavour enhancer, emulsifier (contains soya), colour (ammonia caramel).

All allergens are marked in bold.

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