Our Story

Over 30 years in the making the Strawberry Fields brand remains true to its roots and original core farming activities...


It was not an uncommon sight to see customers walking out of the weigh and pay caravan weighted with buckets overflowing with ripe bright red strawberries. This was all down to the care and pride that the Mounce family and their team have invested into all aspects of their products and customer service. Many people from the area will have sampled the delicious strawberries which have been a feature of Lifton for the past 22 years – now becoming known as ‘Lifton strawberries’. The strawberry field’s produce became a familiar site on the barrow outside the Mounce family home which became a feature in the heart of the village. To the delight of local people, as well as passersby, the barrow remained there for the next 5 years and was laden with a range of seasonal produce.

From this point, the combined success of the farm barrow and the PYO led to the inevitable next step – a farm shop…..but where do you start with what seems like a good idea over a cup of tea? After numerous planning meetings, discussions with environmental agency, builders and not forgetting the day to day running of the farming business, on 1st June 2002, the doors of the Lifton Farm Shop opened to the public for the first time.

5 years on, the farm shop was in need of an extension due to high demand in the restaurant and a greater selection of home produced goods to display in the shop. The two wings either side of the original shop were built.

In 2009 the function suite was built to cater for private events, community meetings and primarily for more covers in the restaurant. This included building a feature bar, landscaped garden, high spec toilets and an extension of the open kitchen.

Through ensuring the quality of the food, produce and customer service the restaurant is very nearly always buzzing and full with happy customers and the farm shop is bursting with home grown and home reared produce with freshness a key factor. The 200 acre farm is devoted to the shop and the core activities continue to stock the shop and provide ingredients for the restaurant just as it did over 20 years ago.

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