Ale and Pasty Bundle


Ale and Pasty Bundle

Savour the perfect pairing of ales and traditional pasties with our Ale and Pasty Bundle. This hearty set includes:

  • Tribute Ale (2 bottles): A refreshing and zesty ale with a unique blend of flavours.
  • Doom Bar Ale (2 bottles): A classic, smooth ale with a distinct taste, ideal for complementing hearty meals.
  • Brown Sauce: Rich and tangy brown sauce to enhance the flavour of your pasties.
  • BBQ Sauce: Sweet and smoky BBQ sauce for an extra kick of flavour.
  • Strawberry Fields Homemade Large Steak Pasties (x4): Generously filled, traditional Cornish pasties made with tender steak and homemade pastry.

Perfect for a cozy evening in or a casual gathering, our Ale and Pasty Bundle offers a taste of Strawberry Fields and fine ales. Enjoy the rich, comforting flavours with every bite and sip.

Tribute 2 bottles
Doom Bar 2 bottles
Stokes Brown Sachet x2
Stokes BBQ Sachet x2
Large Pasties x4

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