PYO Strawberries now open

PYO STRAWBERRIES are OPEN! Now at their best!

We have put much thought into PYO this year and spoken to many different sources to capture the best ideas to make it work ‘safely and responsibly’. We are fortunate that it is in an outdoor setting and we have plenty of space for people to social distance at the correct gap. Please see below some simple measures that we have put into place.

· There will be a dedicated hand wash station near the field entrance for people to wash their hands BEFORE they enter the field – this is essential.
· Social distancing measures should always be adhered to with a gap between people of 2m. With the large amount of space in the field, this should be easily achieved.
· If we need to, we are going to limit the number of people that can enter the field at busy times.
· All fruit must be thoroughly washed before eating.

PYO will be priced per punnet this year and you will need to purchase your punnets BEFORE you enter the field.

1kg punnet – £7.50
2.5kg punnet – £15.00

Early/late bird offer – purchase your punnets between 8am – 10.30am and 3.30pm – 5pm you will receive them at a discounted rate
(1kg punnet – £6.00 and 2.5kg punnet – £12.50).

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BOOK FOR THIS ACTIVITY – YOU JUST TURN UP – OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK.  Just come to the shop entrance where you will see the instructions.

Sorry, no dogs allowed in the field.

Remember, this is an activity that lasts approximately 5-6 weeks only – don’t miss it!

Happy picking!